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Temporary Roadways made from tough HMPE plastic

There are two types of GT Trax temporary roadway systems (sometimes referred to as temporary 'trackway').

Power Tracks 20 measure 3m x 1m x 20mm and are ideally suited for light traffic and can be positioned by hand.






Power Tracks 40 measure 2.4m x 3m x 44mm and are designed for heavy duty traffic.  Power Tracks 40 need a lifting device to complete an installation. A complete, nationwide, installation service is provided.






“We are very pleased with this Power Track 40 from GT Trax Ltd; it created a stable temporary roadway enabling OCBS Ltd to carry out the installation of temporary modular units with a school. As there were periods during the school term when the temporary roadway was left unattended we were confident that the plastic Power Track were not going to be stolen as sometimes can happen with metal alternatives." Yours, Martin O'Callaghan O.C. Building Services Ltd

Both Power Tracks are manufactured from high-quality HMPE recycled plastic and they are connected together by a unique joining system developed exclusively by GT Trax.GT Trax provides a nationwide delivery, installation, removal and collection service via a team of experienced site personnel and a network of transport operators, with unloading and loading facilities. GT Trax welcomes contractors who want to self-install Power Tracks 20 and comprehensive verbal and written instructions will be provided. Power Tracks 40 is usually installed by our experienced site team.

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The defination of these products is a temporary surface, and therefore, for safe passage along the roadway, vehicles should rerain from exceeding speeds of 5 mph. 5 mph road signs are available.

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In contrast to a metal roadway, the GT Trax Power Tracks HMPE plastic roadway systems have no discernable resale value, hence any instances of theft from site is rare.

Both Power Tracks panels have been developed using sustainable secondary plastics, and can be 100% recycled back into the manufacturing process. This zero waste process ensures best value throughout the supply chain, as well as minimising the environmental impact of our service.

Written method a statements, risk assessments, detailed fitting instructions and material composition characteristics can be provided to clients upon request.

Although the both sizes of Power Tracks panels are available to hire, a wide variety of other sizes are available to purchase, please contact the sales office with your requirements. Tel 01487 823344 or

  • For all construction clients, GT Trax provides:
  • Site surveys
  • Delivery, installation, removal and collection
  • A variety of solutions to suit individual requirements
  • Clear and concise monthly invoicing
  • All weather applications
  • No obligation, individually prepared, quotations
  • Support throughout the length of the hire
  • Long or short term hire periods





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