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Two Types of Plastic Flooring .... inside or outdoors

LuxTrax & LiteTrax (scroll down for LiteTrax)

For hire or purchase. LuxTrax is ideally suited for marquee flooring, non-slip temporary walkways for inside or outside exhibitions and shows. LuxTrax is used to provide walkways at the Burghley and Badminton Horse Trials and at many outside exhibitions.












Click the images to enlarge. Scroll down to view a video of the LuxTrax being installed. View LiteTrax details at the bottom of this page

They are manufactured in the UK from reprocessed polyprop co-polymer, which offers a high impact resistance, even at low temperatures. They are available in grey to hire and a variety of other colours to purchase (subject to certain conditions. Edging is available in yellow and black.). LuxTrax is an original design and manufactured in the UK exclusively for GT Trax. They have BS certification for anti-slip. Each LuxTrax tile is swiftly installed without the need for any special tools or skills, with a channel incorporated for wiring, ensuring that cables and small pipes are conveyed safely underfoot.

LuxTrax tiles measure approximately 500mm x 500 mm x 32mm and weigh just 1.5kg = 6kg per square metre.

View an instruction guide on how to lay LuxTrax here

Below are two short films showing how easy it is lay LuxTrax flooring on site

View some LuxTrax images on Pinterest - click here


LiteTrax is a cost-effective product. LiteTrax is ideally suited to provide plastic flooring, particularly if the floor is going to be covered by a carpet. Click here to view some LiteTrax images or click the leaflet below for full specifications. Contact our hire office for details on current hire rates.

LiteTrax at work










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