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GT Trax visits three Dutch event rental firms

March 16th, 2013 by

Jongh’s Verhuur Van

Following an invitation from the trade association, the Event Hire Association, (EHA) we made the trip across the channel to link up with fellow members at the, curiously named Conscious Hotel; based in central Amsterdam. After an early breakfast an ‘executive coach’ picked us up and despatched us directly to our first port of call – Accuraat Vehuur – based in Amstelveen. We were greeted by a Father (Harry) and Son (Rick) team, who proudly escorted around their depot, which was packed with cutlery, glasses, chairs, tables and other party style equipment. The company is a one depot outlet serving mainly business-to-business clients in and around the Amsterdam area. The depot was well ordered, neat and tidy, with a host of labour saving devices, and individually designed stillages, racking and loading machinery. They were particularly proud of their cleaning machine – which made their plates, glasses and cutlery gleam and shine! After a brief question and answer session and some coffee and biscuits we were gathered together ready for the next visit.
After about an hour’s ride we found ourselves outside the party rental division of the rental giant, Boels. Welcoming us in the boardroom was the aptly named, Menno Renting! Menno is the depot manager of Boels Party Rental in Amsterdam, who services both business and private party organisers locally. There are three other Boels Party Rental depots in and around central Holland, with this depot being the largest in both size and equipment holding. They stocked very similar equipment to Accuraat, although on a slightly larger scale, and a mixture of hand and automated washing facilities. They had a very modern computer system that was extensively used to ensure that their clients placed their orders in advance, meaning that they got exactly what they needed every time. Although they are a division of a large rental organisation, Boels Party Rental had a feel of a tight knit, well organised company, which was dedicated to providing a top service to their clients.
After a brief stop for lunch (which was most acceptable!), we ended the day at another family run concern, called Jongh’s Vehuur Service, situated in Zaandam. Although not as regimented as the previous two firms, Jongh’s had a friendly atmosphere and one that would lend itself to a providing a dedicated service by the Jongh family! As well as the usual cutlery, plates and glasses Jongh’s had heaters, marquees, and mobile stages, which meant that they could offer a wider range of equipment to event and party planners. We left late into the afternoon and continued our discussions about the three firms we had inspected during out journey back to our hotel.
Looking back, the EHA really did the delegation proud. The visits went without a single hitch and all the members got on which each other famously, there was no doubt that some close bonds were tied together during the trip. The Dutch people greeted us enthusiastically and were all equally proud of their work -we came away with some good ideas for improving our own presentation and, perhaps, a new addition to our own hire fleet – so watch this space!

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