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Plastic Temporary Roadways and Walkways – an Environmentally Beneficial Alternative?

February 22nd, 2013 by

Agent of change
As a leading national supplier of plastic roadways we have viewed some of the security issues which surround metal theft from an alternative perspective. This has allowed us to act as an ‘agent of change’ within event and construction management helping managers understand how they could introduce alternative products and help to remove some of the risk from their projects and assist in lowering their security costs.

Reduce cost and time of installation
During 2012 we introduced a new Ultra High Molecular Weight (High Modulus) Polyethylene (HMPE) road panel. Measuring 3m x 1m x 20mm, each panel has an elasticity modulus of 1000N/mm2, and weighing in at just 56kg per panel. This meant that they can be installed manually, helping to reduce cost and time of installation. These panels were developed using sustainable secondary plastics, and can be 100% recycled back into the manufacturing process. This zero waste process ensures best value throughout the supply chain, as well as minimising any environmental impact.

Champion sustainable practices
We have consistently taken action to minimise our environmental impact. This is exemplified by our decision to only supply sustainable recycled and recyclable plastic roadway and walkway products. We will continue to champion sustainable practices to all our clients, alongside taking actions to minimise the impact of each event.

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