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The Event Show is Back!

February 5th, 2013 by

Hat’s off to the organisers of this year’s Event Production Show! We dropped by the show today and we were immediately impressed by the amount of footfall that covered the hall at Olympia. OK, the show isn’t that big, but the excellent layout of the stands portrayed an intimate atmosphere, with smiling faces aplenty. Some of the big names in the event industry weren’t there (including our good selves) but this didn’t diminish the place at all. The conferences and lectures seemed to be enthusiastically attended and Michael Eavis’s blue running shorts added a little colour to the events! The exhibitors were varied, including: contractors of all types, rental firms, sign makers, universities, insurance firms and trade associations. The exhibitors we spoke with all said that they were having a great day, and that ‘quality’ of the visitors were ‘first-class’. So, all-in-all it looks like the Event Show is back! And (more than likely) so will we be! See you in 2014.

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