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We love our environment-lets recycle

January 11th, 2013 by

We have joined the Construction Recycling Alliance   (CRA)! The CRA is an umbrella organisation that represents companies within the construction industry who are dedicated to reducing, reusing and recycling unwanted material.

The kind people at the CRA said that our excellence in the field of using recycled material to manufacture our hire-fleet of walkways, roadways, ground protection mats and outrigger pads was key in awarding the us ‘Approved Supplier’ membership.

CRA Director David Barnes added: “GT Trax Ltd has proved beyond doubt its commitment to reducing, reusing and recycling unwanted materials. The company’s ability to consistently divert waste material from landfill and transform it into useable products is second to none. We look forward to working closely with a company who is clearly determined to reduce waste, safeguard the environment and provide durable products to the construction industry”.

As many of our existing clients already are aware, we take our responsibility to wider environment very seriously – we strive to only select equipment that is made from recycled and recyclable material and work hard to ensure that our operations are kept in keeping with modern practises. We hope that our endeavours go towards helping our clients to reduce their own carbon footprint whilst they work on their individual contracts.

The fact that we use an automatic ground plate cleaning machine that operates from recycled rainwater is also testament to how we are helping to preserve a natural resource. Added to this, our Foldtable product is manufactured from birch marine plywood with a polyethylene structure. The birch used comes from controlled forestry plantations, so no tropical hardwoods are used in the manufacture of FoldTables. The plastic base can be easily recycled and no harmful substances are released if burnt.

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