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Who needs ground protection in dry weather?

July 25th, 2014 by

Another load of plates on the way out

We had a quick scan around our yard the other day and noticed that we had very few of our ground protection plates and walkway pads left standing idle in our hire-fleet stock. One of our new people commented that he was surprised about the amount of flooring equipment that was still going out on a daily basis; his thoughts led him to believe that as the weather is currently sunny and mainly dry, demand for this type of product would reduce.

He was of the opinion that when the forecast is dry, event and construction site managers would not be inclined to hire temporary flooring because damage to the ground is less likely to occur. This view is not isolated, we have, in the past, have had some site people cancel or reduce their orders because of a dry spell – although, thankfully, this is getting rarer. Organisers have come to realise that there are many more advantages to using ground protection plates and walkways, even when the ground itself is not in need of extra protection from the elements.

A walkway path

From our experience (nearly 10 years now) in the temporary roadway, walkway and flooring business, site managers are now using our products not just to protect the ground, but as a means to properly guide site visitors to walk or drive through controlled areas, safely and fluidly. We human beings are creatures of habit; if someone puts down a route we will undoubtedly follow it. For instance, if the site or event manager wants us to walk in a certain direction, all they need to do is lay some of our Walkovers down and you can be almost certain that will be the path that is followed. Likewise if a temporary roadway is installed, cars and Lorries will follow its path and arrive exactly in the place intended. This means that health and safely guide lines will be adhered to and the chance of slipping or getting stuck into ruts will be lowered. If required, additional safety measures can be included by lining the pathway or roadway with a series of crowd barriers (have I mentioned we hire these as well?).

Crowd barriers

Crowd barriers and a walkway path

Of course, the trampling feet of festival revellers all heading in the same direction, will incur some damage to the ground, even if the weather remains dry throughout the event – wouldn’t it be better to have the foresight to minimise the damage with a line of temporary pathway pads? Similarly, if a grassed area is going to be used to as temporary car park, or have vehicles traversing it throughout an event, a temporary roadway or parking pad could well be a sensible option to protect the ground even if it’s firm and dry.

So, in conclusion, its no surprise to us seasoned temporary flooring chaps that we are getting the majority of our kit out on hire during the summer months – in the past too many organisers have been left struggling when they haven’t ordered any or enough ground protection products. They have learned their lesson the hard way. And now with safety so paramount on all types of sites were there are workers or regular visitors, it is becoming increasing important that they are all ‘shepherded’ in the direction that keeps them free from danger.

We have a wide range of products both for feet and vehicular traffic and our hire desk people are keen to put their years of experience at your disposal to find a solution to suit your application. Why not give them a call? 01763 252854. Or fill in a contact form here.

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